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The piling activities were completed in a hit-n-miss arrangement due to the depth and nominal spacings between each of the holes. This was to prevent collapse or compromising the adjacent holes until the reinforced concrete pile was constructed.

Pile holes were augured with a 300mm auger with cutting bit, to allow the loess to be drilled out and uplifted to waste skip/tip truck. This was achieved with extended spindle sections; however, these needed to be shortened for the piles immediately below some existing phone and overhead power lines.


Second hand railway irons were sourced from KiwiRail, cut to length and sand blaster clean prior to being carted to site on extended drawbar trailer. Prior to lifting into position, the reinforcing cages were sleeved to the railway iron, and tied off, so they could be lifted in one lift, an excavator was used to achieve this followed by encasement in concrete.


After completing the piling works, the wall was cast in a single lift, complete with capping over the northern stair, and the tie-in at the southern boundary. Following the wall works the site was cleaned and road/footpath preparation behind the wall completed. A new fence on top of the wall was outside our scope so a temporary timber posts and netting were erected until the property owner built their own permanent fence.


February 2023 - March 2023


Christchurch City Council 


Christchurch City Council



This project was situated in the coastal township of Lyttelton on Reserve Terrace. Hunter Civil completed the works on the retaining wall above one of the private properties on the street.

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