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At Hunter Civil, we understand that having the right plant and equipment is essential for successfully delivering projects of any scale and complexity. That's why we have an extensive range of well-maintained and up-to-date vehicles, plant, and machinery that enable us to tackle any project with confidence.

While the following list is not exhaustive, it provides insight into some of the equipment we have available:

  • Excavators (ranging from 1.5t to 30t)

  • Sheet Piling Equipment (Crane and Excavator mounted Vibro Hammers as well as over 600 sheet piles)

  • Anchor Drill Mast (suitable for 13t Excavator)

  • Crane (HSC 650TLX - C4 Crawler)

  • Trucks (Tippers 2.5 - 20T capacity, Tractor Units, Heavy Transporter, Semi-Trailer Tippers and Water Cart)

  • Loaders

  • Rollers

  • Concrete grout pumps

  • Generator Sets (20 – 45 KVA)

  • BBA and Sykes 6” dewatering pumps

  • Ingersoll Rand P600WIR 580cfm Air Compressor

  • Well-pointing equipment (header pipes, spears, and jetting pump)

We are committed to ensuring that our fleet is continuously renewed and maintained to keep up with the latest technologies and minimize downtime on projects. Additionally, we have multiple workshops and yards throughout Canterbury that house a wide range of other items, including temporary works, formwork systems, small tools, and other equipment.

At Hunter Civil, we pride ourselves on having the right equipment for any job, and we are constantly investing in our fleet to ensure that we can continue to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Muller MS-7HFB sheetpiling

ZX135US-5B and Hilux

TCM L13 7T Loader

ViO55-6B with 7T Loader

ZX130LCN-3 with Grab Bucket

Installing Soil Nails

DTE-3 Drill Mast

ZX225USRLC-3 with Rock Breaker

HSC 650 TLX Piling on Barge

ZX135US-5B with Drill Mast

ZX130LCN-3 at dusk

Sheetpiling and Trench excavation

ViO55-6B with 7T Loader

ZX225USRLC-3 and Hilux's

ViO55-6B with Ausa 10T Dumper

Muller MS-7HFB Piler

Kenworth T909 transporter 

UD Quon 6x4 Tipper

CAT 301.7 with Rock Breaker

Bridge Jacking

Sheetpiled Cofferdam

Structure Foundation

ZX130 Augering

Vio55 with breaker

UD 6

Sheet Piles

UD Quon 6x4 Tipper

Sheet piles, ViO1.7, Watercart

Sheet piles the Groynes


Plant Title

Kenworth transporting ZX135

ICE in Nelson

Hino with container & portacom

Dumper & 5t

Kenworth transporting ZX130

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