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​The timber bridge structure for the Rifle Range Culvert will be pre-fabricated in 3 spans at the Hunter Civil yard and delivered to site on a hiab crane truck, which will lift the pre-fabricated sections onto the newly driven timber piles. All other associated civil works adjacent to the bridge will be completed by Hunter Civil, including the construction of reinforced concrete access steps, the installation of architectural balustrade and handrails to complete this stage of the project.

The Anchorblock wall will be constructed alongside the existing Boat Shed and its surroundings spanning a total of 105 meters. The wall is comprised of precast Anchorblock units stacked alongside and on top of each other with in-situ concrete stitches to provide connection. The Anchorblock wall was the chosen solution to deal with this ‘bottle neck’ section of the project. Multiple existing underground services, road lanes, boat shed structure and footpath share the same space, hence the need of using a different approach. The construction of a retaining wall using precast concrete blocks enables a quicker and less disruptive delivery of the works as it is requiring smaller footprint.

The Cantilevered Pathway consists of three main components: an in-situ concrete foundation, the precast walkway panels and an architectural balustrade and car barrier. The precast walkway panels will be constructed at the Hunter Civil yard. The in-situ concrete foundations will then be constructed, the precast walkway panels delivered by truck and placed using a crane onto the newly constructed concrete foundations. Once the panels are placed and connected onto the concrete foundations, the architectural balustrade and car barrier will be installed. Careful planning and logistics are needed for this section to enable the concrete trucks, trucks loaded with precast panels and the crane to get into position while limiting the disruption to the nearby travelling public. The length of these works is over 215m and access into and out of site is limited.


Sep 2022 – Current


Christchurch City Council 


Christchurch City Council



This project is situated in Moncks Bay on the highly congested Main Rd to Sumner, one of the Christchurch’s most visited beach destinations. The goal is to connect the existing shared pathway from Shag Rock, Sumner to Main Rd, Redcliffs. Hunter Civil are completing this portion of works as a subcontractor to Head Contractor Fulton Hogan for Christchurch City Council and Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group as clients. There are three different stages of work undertaken by Hunter Civil throughout 1km of the beachfront walkway:


  • Rifle Range Timber Bridge

  • Anchor Bloc Wall

  • Cantilevered Pathway

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