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The concrete pontoon build is being completed by Hunter Civil construction teams that are pre-casting the pontoon in separate units, followed by, joining them to one unit in Lyttelton Harbour. The units are then towed across from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour for installation with the assistance of a subcontractor’s tugboat.

The wharf upgrade includes repair of piles, replacement of timber decking, replacement of timber handrails, repairs of the timber stringer beams and relocation of the heritage crane. There is also specialist diving works being completed by Hunter Civil’s dive subcontractors.

Hunter Civil is also working closely with the ferry operators, public and private stakeholders to ensure disruption to services are minimal. The project has been scheduled to allow for stakeholder access throughout the duration of the project.

The environmental considerations on the project have been blended into the construction methodology seamlessly. The project requires observation of marine mammals for the duration of piling works. Hunter Civil have several DOC qualified Marine Mammal observers within the business that are fulfilling this project requirement. This includes undertaking daily marine mammal observations, sightings and completing watch forms.


Aug 2022 – Current


Christchurch City Council 


Calibre Group



This project is to repair the existing wharf at Diamond Harbour and design and build of a new floating pontoon and ramp adjacent to the wharf. The project is split into three separable portions of work; wharf upgrades, piling works, concrete pontoon design, build and installation.

The piling work for this project is being completed with Hunter Civil’s 65T crane setup on a subcontractors 500T self-propelled barge. All material, plant and equipment is barge based with a temporary works piling gate installed to drive all piles. The piling method is a combination of vibro-hammer driving and drop hammer driving.

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