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Another key aspect of the works at the Eastman’s Inlet was the works associated with managing water flows and ecology management. The works involved creating a temporary diversion of the Hoon Hay Stream to enable the construction of the new structure and earthworks to create the new inlet and outlet channels into the structure.


Once the new temporary stream diversion had been put in place and the section of the existing stream cut off, Dr Tanya Blakely and her team from Boffa Miskell completed fish salvage of the stream. Fish salvage was also completed on the temporary diversion channel before decommissioning once the Hoon Hay Stream could flow through the new structure.


The project's finishing touches included the construction of a gravel walking/bike track over the top of the concrete structure. Once the wider project has been completed, there will be a series of bike and walking tracks around the stormwater management ponds and structures for the wider public to utilise and enjoy.


Feb 2020 – Dec 2020


Christchurch City Council  





The Eastmans Wetland Inlet works involved the construction of an in-situ reinforced concrete inlet structure and surrounding earthworks. The works formed part of the larger integrated Sutherlands & Eastmans stormwater system providing flood storage and water treatment.


The key elements of work included service relocation (power & water), temporary works, dewatering, reinforced concrete construction, gabion baskets, earthworks, landscaping, stop log installation and walkway/cycleway barrier fabrication.  

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