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Alongside the new pumpstation a new control building is being built, and two large storage tanks to assist with balancing flows are being installed above ground also.  All mechanical and electrical works are part of this contract, along with site works, landscaping, power/communications installation and decommissioning of the existing pumpstations.

Pipe reticulation is also being installed to connect the old pumpstations to the new pumpstation. A pressure sewer is being installed between the new pumpstation and the existing rising main, which takes the wastewater to the terminal pumpstation. The depth of the pipe installation varies from 4.7m to 1.8 m, depending on the location.

A particularly unique challenge of this project is that due to the pumpstation being constructed just off the end of the Nelson Airport main runway, there are height limits for our operational plant, such as excavators and cranes. This limits the work methods available to us.


Jul 2021- Oct 2022


 Nelson City Council  





Two existing wastewater pumpstations in Tahuanui (Nelson) are past their useful life and need upgrading. These are getting replaced with a new single 9m deep pumpstation at the end of Awatea Place.

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