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Hunter Civil is undertaking slope stabilisation work that involves soil reinforcing using 70no soil nails installed 8m into the ground, finished by a shotcrete concrete facing wall that will be coloured to blend into the existing environment, additional finishing works include repairing the concrete slabs around the lighthouse, installing new handrails and re-establishing safe access.

The entire project has a strong environmental focus with preserving the environment, minimising waste being disposed into the marine environment, preserving surrounding vegetation, coordinating concrete pours with the tide which all has been successfully achieved. We have also kept in close contact with the Lighthouse Society making sure the lighthouse maintains its tourist attraction relevance by maintaining a safe access on the weekends and allowing it to operate as required.


Sep 2022 – Current


Christchurch City Council 


Christchurch City Council



Akaroa lighthouse is located in the township of Akaroa and it represents one of the town’s most significant tourist attractions.

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