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Dec  2023 – Current


Nelson City Council 





Hunter Civil has been engaged by the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit (NRSBU) to rehabilitate a 1.4km section of an existing abandoned wastewater line. The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity and resilience of the regional sewer network. The pipeline conveys raw wastewater from the Beach Road Pumpstation through to the Bell Island Treatment Plant.

The scope of work is varied and includes both the laying of new sections of 560mm dia PE pipe and re-lining other sections of the existing abandoned 450mm dia asbestos concrete line. Two specialist subcontractors will be engaged to complete the lining of the existing pipeline. There is a section of Structural Liner under State Highway 6 and Non-Structural Liner under the estuary. This lining technology is relatively new in New Zealand and the South Island with all materials being sourced from offshore.

Hunter Civil are completing the sections of new pipeline and providing all the sheet piling and temporary works and access pits for the lining works. These pits vary in depth from 3 - 5m and need to be completed in both private property, local roads, the estuary, and reserve land. Hunter Civil will also be completing all the traffic management, air & scour valve installation and reinstatement works.


One of the other requirements of this project is that the Great Taste Trail Cycleway crosses through the work site in several locations requiring specific management of the users of the users of this track. Additional work has been completed by Hunter Civil to realign a section of the cycleway to improve the track alignment long term and to allow easier diversion of the track during the construction works.

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