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Jun 2023 – Current


Christchurch City Council 





Hunter Civil have been engaged by the Christchurch City Council to undertake Wastewater Mains Renewal works in 10 locations scattered across Cashmere, Somerfield, Heathcote Valley and Mt Pleasant.

The project involves replacing existing sections of pipeline ranging from 70m to 350m in length via trenching, laying, and backfilling, or via pipe bursting, or via pipe lining techniques. Additionally, new access chambers need to be installed and several existing chambers need to be upgraded along with associated lateral service connections. The project requires a high level of focus on vegetation (tree) management, erosion and sediment control, identification and treatment of potentially contaminated soils, asbestos management, service location and identification.

The work fronts have been sequenced to minimise disruption to traffic, residents, and other stakeholders as far as practicably possible. Including scheduling works on a busy Level 2 arterial road to occur in the quieter post Christmas Holiday period.

The majority of works (that is 8 out of 10 locations) will occur largely within the road reserves with the balance either at the back of private property sections or aligned to the front of the properties.

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