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Council has undertaken preliminary investigations to determine the parts of the network showing the worst I & I and it was part of the Hunter Civils Contract to develop the repair strategy. As the Contract was “design and build” Hunter Civil engaged an external designer and surveyor to undertake the permanent design works for us. There are approximately 20 locations where we are required to undertake the repairs. 

Due to both the existing pipe materials/condition or the geographical constraints several repair strategies were utilized during the traditional dig and lay, pipe bursting, directional drilling, or fiberglass/resin lining. 
As part of the design process Hunter Civil prepared all construction drawings, specifications, design calculations and associated producer statements.

After the repairs have been completed the local community of Akaroa will have an improved wastewater network with a more resilient system that will serve the community for the years to come and reduce the demand on the new wastewater treatment plant. 


Sep 2023 – Current


Nelson City Council 





A unique design and build contract is being undertaken by Hunter Civil in the township of Akaroa.

To optimize the sizing of a new wastewater treatment plant in the township the wastewater network needs to have a reduction of Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) as it had been identified that the I&I was adding significant demand to the system. I&I is caused by broken or missing pipes, incorrect connection or leaking manholes.

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